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April Showers Bring May Bugs: 3 of the Most Common Bellevue Spring Pests

As the weather begins to warm and there are fewer clusters of rainy days, spring pests become more visible and abundant. The time to take action against an unwanted infestation is now, by employing the assistance of a Bellevue pest management service. By taking action toward effective pest control, Bellevue residents can enjoy a critter-free summer and prevent a long-term problem. Yellow Spider on Spring Flower

Bellevue’s top three spring pests to watch out for include:

1. Ants

Ants seem to pop to life during the spring, and they make their way straight into your kitchen or the walls of your home or office. If you have experienced ant problems in the past or have noticed signs of carpenter ants in the building, don’t hesitate to call a Bellevue pest management professional. The service provider will check your home or office for vulnerable areas and teach you ways to keep the bugs away. Prevention techniques can include sealing up holes on the inner and outer walls of your home, using lidded garbage cans, placing your wood pile at least six feet away from your home and never leaving food out in the open.

2. Wasps

When the weather warms, wasps and other stinging insects wake from their winter slumber and can take over part of your home. If left to their own devices, these winged insects will make a nest in or around your home when the weather starts to cool. When they emerge in the spring, wasps and their kin are ready to start laying eggs, which hatch during the summer. If you’re not allergic, one sting just smarts. Multiple stings, however, can endanger your health. To limit wasps via pest control, Bellevue integrated pest management specialists recommend sealing or repairing any open areas into your home, such as broken window screens and vents. While a specialist can install a residual barrier to keep stinging insects away, you can also do your part by never leaving any tempting food out in the open and always using a tight lid on outdoor garbage cans.

3. Spiders

When the bugs come out, so do the spiders. Not all spiders become dormant during the winter, but you see them in full force during the spring because of the abundance of insects that wake up and begin to forage. While most of the spiders you’ll encounter in Bellevue are harmless (and even act as live-in exterminators) they can look scary and leave you with a mess of webs and insect carcasses. The best way to keep unwanted arachnids out of your home is to employ insect prevention methods. Spiders like to live near their food. So if you don’t provide the buffet, a spider will find you to be an inhospitable host and move away.

For help with these or any other spring pests you may encounter, don’t hesitate to contact a Bellevue pest management company.

[Photo by: Moonflitter, on Flickr, via CC License]

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