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Ants in your.. bathroom? What gives?

Did you wake up one sunny spring morning to find flying ants in your bathroom? You rubbed your eyes, blinked a few times, and they were still there? A good cup of coffee, and they’re still not gone. Well, you’re like many Pacific Northwesterners and you’ve met your first batch of moisture ants.

In residential pest control, moisture ants can be one of the trickiest Seattle and/or Portland pests. This is because traditional treatments alone are not enough to battle these little insects, and they’re often the sign of a bigger problem. Here’s why:

  • Moisture ants nest in water-damaged wood. Their biology dictates that they can’t nest in any other type of wood, which means that you have water-damaged wood somewhere in your house.
  • Moisture ant infestations can take a while to notice. In fact, many people don’t notice they have an infestation until they see a “swarm” – a large group of ants that are leaving the nest to mate and create new nests. This is the sign of an already established nest.
  • The treatment of moisture ants dictates that we remove the water-damaged wood.  A good residential pest control technician will be able to help you identify where the problem is coming from, and will provide steps you can take to help eliminate the problem yourself. We usually recommend a treatment to help solve the problem, as well, but sometimes removal of the wood is the best way to get rid of the ants.
  • Water damage can “travel” quickly through your home. Usually, we recommend a complete home inspection to anyone suffering from moisture ants. A leak can often affect multiple areas of the home, which then may experience different pest problems throughout. If we catch these problems early, it may save you from significant amounts of structural damage.

The take away from this is that we can help you. It may or may not require treatment with one of our products. These problems, however, should not go on ignored as leaving it alone with the hopes of it resolving itself will only cause further structure damage and multiply the cost of remedying the problem. If you suspect you have moisture ants, please feel free to call us at 1.800.401.9935 and we can answer your questions and schedule a free inspection.

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