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Ant Pest Control: Natural Ways for Preventing and Controlling These Pests


One of the pests people love to hate is ants. Ants become a huge problem in the spring, and natural pest control is the safest way to keep these bugs away. Check out the following ant pest prevention tips to deter and control the ants this spring and summer.

Natural Ant Pest Control Tips

  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen, cupboards and pantry as soon as you spot ants in your kitchen.
  • Don’t leave food out in the open, and store in hard, lidded containers.
  • Seal cracks on the inside and exterior of your home with caulk, plaster or putty. Be sure to check around the foundation, windows and door frames.
  • Use mint-scented soapy water, vinegar, lemon juice or diluted mint oil to wipe away the chemical trails ants create.
  • Make a defensive barrier around your home or around strategic locations (like pet bowls) using citrus oil, petroleum jelly, baby powder, food-grade diatomaceous earth, chalk, cinnamon or used coffee grounds.
  • Plant spearmint or lavender around the exterior of your home and window boxes.
  • Use baits that harm the ants, but not your family. These include dry corn meal and dry cream of wheat. You can also make an ant neurotoxin by mixing aspartame with apple juice.

If an ant infestation gets out of hand or doesn’t seem to go away, contact a natural pest control company like Eden, which uses green techniques for ant pest prevention. Ask about our Enhanced Service Program, which is based on Integrated Pest Management practices and offers year-round natural pest protection.

[ Photo by: gifrancis, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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