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5 Signs You Should Call For Pest Control

Many pest control situations can be handled with home remedies or purchased products, but others, such as wood-destroying pests, bed bugs, disease bearers and out-of-control infestations, will generally require the help of a professional pest control service. But how do you know when a pest control situation has gotten out of hand? Below are warning signs for when you should call a local Portland pest control service.

1. You’re outnumbered. By a lot.

A few pests here and there is one thing, but if you are seeing hundreds rather than dozens, or if they have infested your crawlspace or basement en masse, then you have an extreme case on your hands. If you home is overrun with ants, termites, roaches or any other kind of mass-reproducing insect, you will be better off calling a professional pest control expert.

The reason is this: the amount of time, energy, money and chemicals required for a do-it-yourself pest control job will far outweigh the cost of having a professional do it for you. You can try to go at it alone, but even with the best non-toxic and earth-friendly pest control products, you will still struggle to gain the upper hand. Even if you set traps and kill all the pests in sight, the nest may remain. The colony may even go dormant for a while, switching to another food source-but it will come back.

2. You can’t get to the nest.

Many insects form nests in hard-to-reach places – ants, cockroaches, fleas and especially termites are the most common. Nests can reside in the foundation and sub-foundation of your home; between walls, ceilings, floors and stairs; and in other obscure areas of the house.

Drastic weather changes, from dry to wet or hot to cold, will drive insects from their nesting grounds and into your home in search of a new warmer, dryer or cooler spot for nesting. This is when you will regret not taking care of that subterranean infestation when you had the chance. To avoid this worst-case scenario, there is not much you can do except call a professional pest control company that has the right tools for the job.

3. The pest infestation is threatening your health.

Depending on the pest, infestations can range from mere nuisances to actual health hazards. Cockroaches, rats and mice, for example, carry diseases and can contaminate you, your food stores and your child or pet’s health.

In other cases you may be facing a more serious and immediate threat, such as poisonous spiders, bees, wasps or aggressive ants. For example, in the Pacific Northwest, homeowners who discover a black widow spider infestation should let a Portland pest control service handle the problem. Rather than risking a serious injury by spider bite, or putting a friend or loved one’s life in danger due to a possible allergic reaction to bees, it’s better to contact a professional pest control company.

4. You’re not sure what kind of pest you have.

Before you can treat a pest infestation, it’s essential to accurately determine what type of pest you have. Different insects have different feeding and nesting behaviors, and even different types of pests within the same species may require a different pest control approach. For example, ants can be hard for a homeowner to tell apart, yet each type of ant requires its own unique treatment plan.

In other cases, the homeowner may not even see the pest itself. If you’ve found damage around your home and aren’t sure what type of pest has caused it, consult a pest control professional.

5. The pest is winning.

If you’ve already put some effort into a do-it-yourself pest control approach and the problem hasn’t abated, it may be time to call for backup. Most of us are too busy working the 9 to 5 or taking care of the home and family to deal with a pest infestation run amok. If more than half your day or weekend is spent managing your pest problem, then you should consider calling for backup.

Most extermination services offer weekly or bi-weekly checkups; thus, rather than try and solve the issue overnight, you can prevent a future pest infestation from happening in the first place. A quality service provider will not only solve your current infestation, but they will also prepare you and your home with the necessary knowledge and tools to prevent future pest control problems.

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