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5 Green Pest Control Tips for the Garden

If you’re a thorough, involved homeowner, you’ve probably worked hard on the design and maintenance of your yard or garden. It makes sense, then, that you would want to keep your garden pest free.

However, you most likely don’t want to use harmful pesticides in your family’s home garden, especially if you’re growing fruits or vegetables. Luckily, there are a number of great eco-friendly pest control tips you can follow to keep your garden green and reduce the number of pests.

1. Keep it clean.

Pests love a mess. Don’t let yard debris, leaves or garbage pile up around your home or garden – pests can make these unsightly piles their new home.

2. Use green pest control solutions.

There are a number of great eco-friendly pest control sprays you can buy or make yourself. Check with a local nursery or pest control professional to find out which ones are ideal for you. You can also make an effective green pest control spray by mixing water, alcohol and mild soap.

3. Plant diversions.

Some pests are drawn to a specific type of plant. Find out what these plants are and place them as far away from your home and garden as you can to draw pests away from your garden.

4.  Plant a variety.

Choosing a wide-range of pest-resistant plants will help discourage infestations. You can even plant barriers of pest-resistant flowers and shrubs around more vulnerable plants. Consult a pest control professional or nursery to find out what plants are most resilient.

5. Starve the pests.

Pests will often eat pet food and garbage that isn’t sealed properly. Keep pet food and trash containers tightly sealed to avoid encouraging an infestation.

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