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5 Benefits of Using Our Professional Holiday Lighting Services

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and many homeowners have begun planning for their annual holiday light displays. If you want to wow your neighbors with an over-the-top lighting scheme this year but don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours on a ladder placing every last string of lights, consider contacting your local pest control company for holiday lighting services.

At Eden, we don’t just have your Portland pest control needs covered; we can also deck out your home for the holidays, so you can enjoy all the splendor of the season without all the fuss. Regardless of whether you have contacted us for Portland pest control services in the past, Eden can take care of your holiday lighting needs. Here are five reasons to take advantage of our holiday lighting services:

1. No hassle. With all of the other stresses and obligations you have to worry about during the holiday season, climbing up on a ladder and hanging lights is often the last straw for many homeowners. Instead of shivering in the cold and wrestling with stubborn light strings, you can simply call us and let us take care of it for you. We’ll come out to your home for a free consultation and help you choose a lighting style that fits your budget.

2. Low maintenance. The days of meticulously testing each bulb on a burned-out light string are over. If you have a dead bulb or other problem with your holiday light installation, we will send out a technician to fix the problem and return your display to its full glory. We’ll also set you up with the latest in lighting control technology so you can easily maintain your display with minimal upkeep.

3. No storage mess. Nobody enjoys having to take down Christmas lights, particularly during the post-holiday let down. Light strings get easily tangled in storage and become a huge mess that can take hours to sort out next year. Forget hauling around big boxes filled with holiday lights (which in and of themselves can become a Portland pest control nightmare); save yourself the time and storage space by letting us take care of it for you.

4. Earth friendly. As an eco-friendly local pest control company, Eden believes in environmental efficiency. We use only high-quality, low-watt LED lighting, which is energy efficient and earth friendly. Help conserve energy and save on your power bill at the same time.

5. Creative design. The best part is that we’ll let you design your lighting plan using digital tools and a photo of your home, giving you plenty of room for creativity. You can even save your plan and add to it or customize it every year.

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