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3 Reasons You Need Winter Pest Control

Not all pests hibernate during the winter, so don’t be fooled into thinking you can simply ignore them during the cooler times of year. Because residential pest control is just as important during the winter as it during the warmer months, it’s to your advantage to keep the number for a Roseburg rodent control service handy.

Why You Need Winter Pest Control

1. Pests may still be in your home. If you don’t properly seal the exterior of your home, including cracks as small as a 1/8-inch, insects and rodents can form nests within the warm walls of your abode. When it comes to taking proper measures for pest control, Roseburg residents should thoroughly inspect interior and exterior walls for cracks and seal them promptly.

2. Rodents are the ultimate squatters. Mice and rats sneak in through holes in your wall, but they can also enter your home through open windows, doors, tears in screens and even a damaged rooftop. Practice residential pest control by making your home unattractive to rodents: Keep your landscape manicured, use tight-closing lids over garbage cans, and keep your woodpile away from your house.

3. You might miss something. Unless you’re an expert in Roseburg rodent control, it can be hard to know exactly what steps to take to keep your home pest-free during the winter. By scheduling an appointment with a pest control expert, you can learn about all the vulnerable points in your home and receive suggestions about making your home less pest-friendly – as well as potentially uncover any infestations that have gone unnoticed.

Residential pest control is an ongoing process that should be practiced all year round – even in winter. Failure to do so is a pest’s greatest wish.

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