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Although spiders are often considered insects, they are actually arachnids, which are characterized by having eight legs, no wings or antennae, and feed on insects. Seattle, Portland and all of Western Washington and Oregon are homes to many spider species.

Types of Spiders

Wolf Spider

wolf spider in portland or

Wolf Spiders are a large family of active hunters and will enter homes sometimes in large numbers. They are quite large and can run very fast. These pests may bite, but rarely cause a serious reaction. Unlike other spiders, these do not construct webs.

American House Spider

house spider is seattle

This spider is the most common orb weaver found throughout North America. They can be especially problematic in the late summer or early fall, often migrating to houses seeking warmth. Their egg capsules hatch in the spring, releasing hundreds of tiny spiderlings. Their webs and egg sacks should be removed by a professional.

Cellar Spider

cellar spider in oregon

Cellar spiders are found in basements, barns, homes and other structures. They spin an irregular web and never remove old webbing, which causes large accumulations. These pests hang in webs with their abdomens pointed up and will shake their web violently if disturbed.

Hobo Spider

large hobo spider

Hobo Spiders are most commonly found on the bottom level or the basement of buildings. They are more aggressive than other spiders, but won’t bite without being provoked. If you are bitten, though, expect redness and swelling. Blistering may also occur at the site within 24 to 48 hours. That blister could then rupture and leave an open ulcer.

The Brown Recluse spider also raises a lot of concern in the Pacific Northwest because of its similar appearance to the Aggressive House Spider. But don’t worry – the Brown Recluse is not native to our area!

Why Be Concerned?

Although house spiders can bite, their venom is not dangerous to humans and they are not known to be aggressive in nature. They are considered more of a nuisance pest because of their habit to build and abandon webs indoors. Brown Recluse spiders and Hobo spiders will bite if disturbed or cornered. Both spiders have a necrotoxin but do not often inject venom when giving warning bites. When venom is injected, the bite effects can range from mild irritation to slow-healing open sores and may even prove fatal for some.

What You Can Do

Most spiders live outside in rocks, piles of wood, tubing, junk and railroad ties. Once they’re inside, they live in less-disturbed areas of basements, crawlspaces, storage areas and closets. Some ways to prevent spiders from becoming a nuisance include:

  • Organize potential habitats for high visibility and less clutter
  • Keep things off the ground
  • Remove outside debris
  • Cut tall grass and groundcover touching exterior walls
  • When working in these habitats, wear protective clothing and be cautious with exposed skin

What We Would Do

At Eden, we combine control and treatment tactics for the most effective, long-term protection for our clients. These tactics include sanitation control, access removal, chemical treatment, and ongoing monitoring. Here’s what you can expect from your Eden technician when they come to perform your service:

  • Vacuum spiders, webbing & egg sacs inside and out
  • Apply sodium vapor, and amber or yellow exterior lighting, which is less attractive to insect prey
  • Treat door sweeps, open pipe chases, and damaged vent screens, which can all be means of entry
  • We may also set glue traps, which allow for monitoring of population and control

If all of the above have been done, chemical controls are usually not necessary. Treatments in basements, crawlspaces, attics and complicated areas may be warranted to reduce large populations, but this will cause many spiders to enter living and working spaces.

Because many spiders are reclusive in nature, treatment of infestations can be a very difficult task and should be handled by trained professionals.  Contacting Eden is the ideal way to get rid of spiders in your home or business.

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